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A Desperate Struggle

I had just finished an ichinensei class with the “Big-Headed Boyfriend” teacher at the ghetto school. I was talking to a boy near the front, when another boy entered the room from the rear, and started walking towards us. “Hello,” I casually said to him.

He said nothing in response. He did nothing except keep walking forward. Suddenly, my Kancho Sense™ started BLARING. Sure enough, without one word he simply walked behind me and tried to kancho. This freaked me out a bit– the kid was a mindless, soulless, kancho assassin! Thanks to my trusted Sense, I was able to reach behind me and successfully grab his hand.


The boy in front of me decided that now would be a great opportunity to grab my dick. Thankfully, my Dodgedick Sense™ went off as well, so I grabbed his hand in time. Now both my hands were tied, while each boy still had a free hand with which to go for my dick and poke me up the ass. I have a bad feeling about this.

I had to do some serious dancing to avoid being grabbed and poked. I was on some Michael Flatley Lord of the Dodgedick shit. You’d have to tape me and play it back in slow motion to capture the swift maneuvering with which I defended my crotch/ass region. I realized that I couldn’t keep this up forever, and at some point I’d have to think of a way out. To make matters worse (worse?!), a third boy appeared from out of nowhere (more Japanese teleportation?) and started going for whatever was open. To review: I had the Kancho Drone to my rear, Dick Grabber #23 on point, and Random Kid on assist, forming a perfect Triangle Molest Offense. Both my hands were tied, but I had 4 free hands going for my stuff. I was being rushed down like an Asian girl at an anime convention.

I suddenly had a Wachowski brothers moment – everything went bullet time (Kancho Time?) on me, as the world slowed almost to a halt, giving me time to think up my next move. My first idea was to just Gaijin Smash my way out, but as I had that thought I also had the classic internal moral argument, manifest in the Looney Tunes white angel/red devil versions of myself on my shoulder.

Devil Az: Gaijin Smash! ’em straight to hell. It’s the only way.
Angel Az: You can’t do that! You’re like three times their size.
Devil Az: Great, that’ll make it easy.
Angel Az: But, they’re only 12-year old boys! They don’t know any better.
Devil Az: They’re 12 year old boys trying to grab your dick and poke you in the ass. All bets are off.

The Angel won (he always does…. *grumble*) and I had to think of a new plan. Still working on Kancho Time, I let go of the two boys hands, and with my right hand guarding the front and the left for the rear, I started to manually parry the attacks. I used my eyes for the front, and relied on Kancho Sense™ to help me with the back. Spotting an opening, I broke the Triangle Molest Offense and backed myself into a corner, literally saving my ass. I now parried the frontal attacks with both hands, but I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long either.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up to see where the other teacher was. She was calmly packing away her things at the front and casually talking with some of the girl students, seemingly oblivious to what was going on. Take a moment to think about that, if you will. In a classroom you have a large black man cornered by three Japanese boys trying to shove fingers up his ass and grab him by the dick, while the teacher, less than 5 meters away, casually talks with the girl students about TV or something. That’s just how it is here.

Back to the action- I managed to grab two boys by the arm, then pulled them inside to act in tandem as a shield against themselves and the third boy. With those two thrown off their game, I forced them to the floor (simultaneously, using only one arm per boy!) and on their stomachs. I dropped to my knees and roared, “It’s my turn now!” The boys suddenly developed beastly strength, broke free from my hold, and got the hell out of dodge. I don’t even think they ran away, just *paf* gone! Frayed, I took a moment to collect myself, then returned to the teacher. She finished her conversation with the girls, looked up at me, and said “Oh, the boys seem to enjoy playing with you very much.”

Yeah. One might say that.

That was definitely the most dangerous situation I’ve ever encountered. I had three boys going for both fronts, but somehow I still escaped unmolested. I realized then that I had ascended to some sort of Anti-Kancho/Dodgedick Ninja Mastery. With my Kancho Sense™ and now Kancho Time abilities, I am The One who will bring down the system.

Bring it bitches, I’m ready for ya.

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