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Akai Kutsu Diaries – Sachi

It’s Valentines Day. At least, it was yesterday. I figure I should write something love/dating related. And, relate it to Japan I guess. I have a new V-Day editorial I’m writing, but as it really has little to nothing to do with Japan (other than the girl being Japanese), I’ll probably put that one up on Outpost Nine.

If you’re a young man, and you tell someone that you’re going to Japan, one of the invariable responses that you wil be hit with at some point will be “Dude! You’re SO going to get laid!” Obviously, this response changes depending on who you talk to. You might expect that your parents wouldn’t say that…unless of course you are me and your Mom actually does say something along those lines to you. God, why you hate me?

Ahem. Anyway, it’s well known that in America, white guys are Asian girl’s kryptonite. This belief extends to The Motherland as well. There is a certain type of girl in Japan who does chase after Gaijin exclusively, so to a certain extent it is true. (Really, there’s a lot more to the situation than that, but in order to make this not excruciatingly long I’m skipping over a lot.) This also leads to the belief that there are scores of men who couldn’t get laid in America even if you coated them in syrup, rolled them around in hundred dollar bills, and then dropped them off at the Playboy mansion, but then come to Japan and find more pussy than they ever knew what to do with. To a certain extent, this is somewhat true as well.

Thanks to those beliefs, there are a lot of men jumping at the bit to come to Japan. Not for the green tea and onsens. …I wasn’t one of those guys. Maybe I was before, back in my Japanophile days when I had a healthy case of Yellow Fever to go with it. But as I’ve said before, I was cured well before coming to Japan, and actually dated a bit back in America.

So, rather than park myself at a veritable all-you-can-eat sushi bar and gorge myself on wanton Gaijin Chaser Japanese Skank, if I were to date in Japan I wanted something more meaningful – a relationship. And it is here where all the complications start to set in. Where sowing wild oats in Japan may be easy, succeeding at the dating game, and relationships, is much harder. Dating in any country is hard, but dating in Japan is a lot like trying to beat Battletoads on the NES with one arm tied behind your back.

Most of you are vaguely aware of my biggest strikeout, the Whore of Legend, the infamous ex. But aside from her there have been some other girls, some other candid tales. While I don’t know if I want to share all, or even some of them, in the spirit of Valentines Day, and in my continuing crusade to curb the tide of Yellow Fever, I’ll tell the store of one here today – Sachi. I can’t promise humor – even Barry Bonds doesn’t hit homeruns every time he bats – but maybe at least you’ll find something interesting, something different from all the other “I went to Japan, met a nice girl and we got married/I porked her and her sisters and her friends and her grammama until I got on the plane home” tales floating out there.

And yes, I know this editorial title is a complete rip-off. I know, and I don’t care.


I’d met Sachi four years earlier, during my study abroad trip. She was one of the Japanese college students who’d lived with us. She was really quiet, and nobody ever really noticed her. I’d come home one day to find her drunk in our room – one of our Japanese guy roommates had been feeding her alcohol all night in the hopes of getting to sleep with her. I try not to cockblock, but Sachi was clearly 100% wasted by the time I’d arrived. I sort of took it upon myself to take care of her – make sure she got back to her room and in bed safely.

From that day, Sachi took a liking to me. She talked to me more than anyone else (or, anyone at all), and even accompanied me to the train station when the program ended and I was to leave Japan. I knew she’d developed something of a crush on me, but as the study abroad program was only a month-long, I didn’t do anything about it. I used to think stupidly like that. Nonetheless we traded email addresses, and maintained infrequent contact over the years.

When I came back to Japan on JET, she still seemed eager to meet me again. We went to a fireworks show – I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was very much a date. However, the following week I would end up meeting the girl who I would then date for the next year and a half, the infamous ex. I didn’t talk with Sachi much while dating the ex. But now that I was free of Evil’s Influence I had a chance to talk with her again. I’d always thought her to be a nice, sweet girl. She didn’t appear to be a lying whore either, and that’s always a plus. I mailed her perhaps the week before Valentines Day, and she was quick to respond, saying she wanted to meet me.

We met twice – once in March, and once in April. We had a lot of fun together, and with each date she seemed to be growing more affectionate towards me. In May, I felt it was time to close the deal, as it were. The first week of May in Japan offers a few days of holidays. It’s a good time to travel, but seeing as how I was still hurting financially from the fiasco with my ex, I was grounded in Japan. I did however have enough for a short trip to Kobe, which is where Sachi lived. I also had enough to pay for a room in one of the nicest hotels there – to ensure I wouldn’t have to worry about the last train home, and, well, other things too.

We met up, had a very nice dinner (Kobe Beef!), had a very nice round of drinks afterwards (Kobe Beer!), and I succeeded in getting her to come back to the hotel with me (Gaijin Beef!). My friends tell me that the way this went down was not unlike a porno…

Me: Say, have you ever seen the [name of the hotel I was staying at]?
Her: I’ve been inside the lobby, but I’ve never been in one of the rooms.
Me: Would you like to see one of the rooms?
Her: Yeah, sure.

We had breakfast the next morning, and as I had other plans I had to be off. I sent her an email a few days later asking about our next date, but I didn’t hear back from her. In fact, a whole three weeks passed with no response from her at all. I wondered if I’d done something wrong – was she upset? Three weeks later, I did finally get a response from her – “Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’ve been suffering psychologically lately.” And…that’s it. I sent a mail asking if she was okay, but as you might expect, I recieved no response.

Now, I’ve had a lot of various different effects on women in the past, but to my knowledge I’ve never driven any of them insane.

At any rate, I couldn’t get in contact with Sachi again, so there really wasn’t much I could do. Months passed, and I eventually began to date the girl I’m currently with. Out of the blue, Sachi emails me again. Just a casual “Hi, how’re you doing?” mail. I once again ask if she’s all right, to which she responds, “Yeah, I was suffering psychologically for awhile, but I saw a doctor and I’m getting meds now so I’m much better.”

You know gentlemen, I’ve said numerous times in the past that Japanese girls are batshit insane…and here is your documented proof.

Sachi again expressed interest in meeting me, but as I was dating a girl who was markedly less insane I decided to pass on the matter. To this day I still get random emails from Sachi after several month intervals. I did meet with her once though, and all batshitness aside I was able to confirm one thing – Sachi had a Japanese boyfriend in the background. She didn’t say as much, of course, but certain behaviors she displayed confirmed it for me.

During our date back in March, I’d asked if she’d gotten a boyfriend in the year and a half I hadn’t really kept up with her. She told me she didn’t, but did mention that she had a guy friend where the line between friend and boyfriend was starting to get a little blurry. I can only assume that this guy did end up becoming her boyfriend. Again, I have no concrete, solid proof, but sometimes if it looks like a duck, and it sounds like a duck, and it smells like a duck, then it’s having sex with some Japanese dude and not telling you about it.

It’s a pitfall that many hapless Gaijin Males have to be wary of. While many women may be curious about us, not all consider us to be marryable/serious relationship material. The language barrier and what not play a factor, as well as the perception that we Gaijin will only be in Japan for a few years before going back to our home countries. So many women will date Gaijin purely for the experience. Some will have Japanese boyfriends in the background, with whom they intend to seriously date/perhaps marry. Think back to Ms. Cinderella.

So, to Sachi I was just a Gaijin plaything. When she wasn’t fighting off insanity. I guess it’s good the loopy-ness kicked in when it did and I didn’t devote too much time and energy to her. But it just goes to show you that you never know when, behind a sweet and innocent smile, there’ll be an adulterous psychopath who just wants to use you for some of your Gaijin Sexual Healing.

Or at least, in my world anyway.

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  1. September 12, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Man, I’d like to give such a person a slap in the face. Men are not for playing around with and neither are women.

  2. Blayne Bradley
    April 9, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    I think you narrowly avoided Yandere territory there.

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